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Little Ticket To Wealth (Review)

LTTW was launched in 2009 by Tim Berger as the direct marketing industrys premier resource for leads and training. Its billed as the one place that you can send your team members to get leads and make a nice second income stream and at the same time know that your team will be receiving valuable training.

Translation, please?

When I joined Little Ticket to Wealth, I was a bit skeptical to say the least. Lets be honest here.. You receive over 200k leads per month for such a low price..They had to be pure junk leads right?

I Decided to Give Little Ticket to Wealth the ULTIMATE Test

I loaded 2k buyer leads into my mailer.. Wrote a well thought out email and hit the send button. The entire day went by and nothing!  The next morning I woke to a couple emails asking questions about Little Ticket to Wealth. But still No Sales.. Grrr!

Then it happened… I received that email that said I had earned a $200 payment… Yes! It worked or me being the skeptic that I am…. Was it just a fluke?

Lets See The True Potential of Little Ticket to Wealth

Ok … I had just made me some money… I decided to put a little effort into this and see what type of results I could actually receive from Little Ticket To Wealth if I actually took it serious.

I recorded a video telling people about my experience with Little Ticket to Wealth and I linked it over to an Awesome 14 minute presentation that is provided by the Secret Lead Factory .. The Secret Lead Factory is a presentation that was developed by one of the members of LTTW.

I sent out an email explaining Little Ticket to Wealth and included a link to my video to 5k leads per day for a solid 2 weeks…. I followed up and answered questions.. I stayed focused and started to be amazed at the results that I was receiving from this program.

Of course, a little tweaking happened over those couple of weeks .. You will find yourself constantly tweaking and changing your message a bit to see what improves your results….  It was well worth the effort. Little Ticket to Wealth can and will generate you multiple $200 payments per day as long as you stay consistent and work it like a business.


Lets take a quick overview here … When you get involved in any online business. What is the biggest issue? Finding prospects to look at what you have to offer.. Correct?

Little Ticket To Wealth is the perfect business model..  You are provided a product that is in demand by everyone marketing online. You are provided over 200k prospects to market to every month.  You just have to stay consistent .. You have to market daily. In essence, you need to treat this like the business that it is..  A business that can earn you $200 per day PLUS everyday!


Little Ticket To Wealth Review (The Bad)

When people invest in Little Ticket To Wealth they often think they are also buying a solution. A magic button. Sign up, set it up and watch the leads flow like water. But that is not the case well not 100% anyways.

LTTW is nothing more than a powerful TOOL/RESOURCE

which is absolutely worthless unless you actually use the tools, training and resources made available to you.

This means getting inside, getting the leads and actually contacting them multiple different ways and multiple times. Listen to the training then applying what you have learned and using the recommended resources to promote your opportunity.

Because nothing happens until you learn how to take what you learned in LTTW and get it in front of hundreds, even thousands of potential prospects on a consistent basis over an extended period of time.

Without promotion, nothing happens. Which is true for every business. So the questions begs:

If you are having challenges promoting your current business, how do you intend to promote your business using Little Ticket To Wealth? What makes the promotion of this product (and it is a product!) any different than your current opportunity?

Little Ticket To Wealth Review. Magic No… Does it Work, Yes…

The magic behind the incredible LTTW success stories is the amazing training being provided. Most of the training is not stuff you regularly hear online.

CHECK IT OUT, set it up, and then learn from the best marketers in the world. Copy them. Follow the instructions. Dig deep and work through the learning curve.

Then apply what you have learned and take action. Massive marketing action.

And, you too, can watch the magic happen. Guaranteed!

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