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How To Improve My Alexa Rating

Can Alexa ratings can be improved?

                                                                                                                                                                                                          How To Increase My Alexa rating

Yes, of course!!.

Here are7 strategies that will boost your alexa rating Watch your ranking go up as you use these functional items

1. Download the Alexa toolbar and use it every day to visit your own site location. Put your logo on the toolbar, and then give the toolbar away. You can download the toolbar here:

2. Use Alexa redirection whenever you can. When you provided a link to your site, use the alexa redirect link Use a redirect back to you site.

3. Motivate your website visitors to add their constructive testimonials on Alexa’s detailed listings web for your internet site. This can be done by placing a link to the acceptable Alexa page on your website and asking guests to rate your website

4. Create your own site reviews on the top 100 rated Alexa sites and consist your redirect URL. The top 500 domains, according to Alexa  they can be found at When you write a review, be sure to use the redirection URL we discussed in number 2 above specifically for your website .com

5. Download the Alexa position button, traffic historical graph, info hyperlinks, and other traffic counters as the web of your website that receives the most traffic. For example, at the bottom of my home.I’ve additional the Alexa position box. You can do the same for your own site by visiting You’ll notice that I haven’t added the traffic historical graph. This is because it wouldn’t look appropriate on my home page and because Alexa is only providing detailed history on the top 100,000 sites. So if you’re not in the top 100,000, site stats would not be available.

6. Get an inexpensive advertisement out on the ExactSeek research directory for only a few dollars per month Search engine results are directly correlated with Alexa rankings. You’ll notice that if a website is highly ranked on ExactSeek, chances are that it will be really ranked on Alexa.

7. Get listed on as many as possible by placing a free listing in DMOZ. This is the most human edited directory on the web and is co-branded amongst hundreds of countless of sites. Be affected though, it often takes up to 5 months before you see your internet site listed after submission. Even though it normally requires longer than it should, you have little say in the matter because it’s so widely used across the Internet.

These straightforward Alexa strategies are simple to implement and teach you HOW TO IMPROVE MY ALEXA RATING: will make a huge difference in your Alexa ranking. Ultimately you want visitors to do more than visits your home page, you want them to interact with your site. Be sure to optimize your home page for SEO functions, ease of use, also interaction. Making a beneficial user experience will get guests to return again and again.


How To Brand A Company

Ever Wondered How To Brand a Company?

Posted on 18. Feb, 2012 by  in Branding

How To Brand a Company?

The definition of branding is a  term, name, sign, design, or a symbol to be used by itself, or in conjunction with each other. The intention is to identify the products that one group of sellers offer, and to create a distinction between the sellers of the same products.

Because of this it is essential to know that branding isn’t really about getting your buyers to pick you over your completion. It is all about  allowing your buyers to see you  as the best one to give them a solution to their problem.

5 Must Have items When Learning How to Brand a Company:

  • Your Brand should convey your message concisely
  • Your Brand should  establish your credibility
  • Your brand should invoke  emotions from your prospects
  • Your Brand should  motivate your prospect
  • Your Brand should create loyalty

You must always know the needs and desires of your prospects. This is accomplished by intertwining  your strategies of you brand within your company at every possible public contact point.

The Brand that you create needs to live in the minds of your prospects. Your Brand should be the cumulative total of  the things that they have been though, and their current perceptions.  The brand that you create should attempt to influence your buyer emotionally.

You want you potential buyer to see your logo, your colors, your images, and you want them to recognize it. You want to bury the brand in their minds so that when they needs your particular product or service you are the first to come into their minds. This is not that difficult to do once your understand you your potential buyers is.

How do you Brand a Company…..Create an invaluable tool that  will withstand the battles for potential buyers.  Spend time researching , understanding, knowing, and building your brand.  Let your Brand be the source of a commitment to your buyers.  Branding is such an important piece to the puzzle that your business will not survive without one.

If you need help with Concepts or Stategies  on How to Brand your Company,  I invite you to call me” Ron Tolley @  (864) 719-9583., or visit me

Things You Need To Know….

And…..Why Are You Here,

1. Searching for opportunity…                                     

2. Looking for proper tips & short cuts…

3. You want to learn more…

4. Looking for free stuff…

5. Looking for someone who can guide you…

6. Looking for personal  coach…

7. You heard about me by your internet searches…

I know every one of you has been searching and digging around for a new opportunity to start your very own profitable Home Based Business. Probably, some of you managed to find a proper ways to  and some of you might still wondering how to start your own.

But keep this in mind…

Don’t stop, don’t ever give up.

Because believe me if I say this – You will get frustrated at beginning, you will go through times where you don’t understand systems, you will go through promises where no truth on it, you will suffer, you will struggle, you will spend money without returns, you will lost a lot of time and energy, you will get fedup, you will go through tons of problem but whatever it is….Trust me…It’s going to be a great journey which could lead you to unimaginable satisfaction and you will say to yourself “I did it”.

Minimal time for maximum results is gained through effective training.  Coaching is a large part of my business because of this principle.

So why am I sharing all of this with you. Simple, the primary reason I’m sharing  this content is so that I could connect not only to another successful marketers but also with any struggling marketers that need assistance. To me, the best part about this business is the chance to interact with like-minded success driven individuals like yourself.

Of course, we can both agree that the second reason would have to be the financial gains and financial  ourselves and also from helping many others achieve their .

So, why not start doing something for yourself….you can start by sharing some stuff about yourself… tell me what kind of business are you involved in  and what drove you to start it? Throw me a note, I’m interested in learning more about what you do and how well it’s going for you at this time. Are you seeing success? If so, in what ways? Financial, more time with family, more time for your hobbies, can sleep without worrying anything, more time with traveling, etc…

If you need any help growing your business, I am here to help. I do it all the time and I just love doing what I do on a full time basis.

Anyway, here some business success tips that you can use to motivate and change the way you work with your online business which I personally used to achieve my dreams…but of course you should know what you want and work for it…

So, based on my experience, I believe to succeed you will need to develop and carry few basic attitudes along the way and that is:

1. Honest
2. Focus
3. Consistentcy
4. Proper Mindset
5. Employ one system at a time

I run sites that successfully generate passive income every month. I always share Free Internet Marketing Tips,  Tools and Free Internet Marketing Resources for your internet business growth. For all the products that I give away, I personally went through quality control to make sure the products are suitable and will assist in your own niche internet business.

I can assure you will get a lot of assistance not only from me but also my Internet Marketing groups will participate to give you the best suggestions and comments so that you’re heading to the right path; the path that will ensure the success of your internet business.

Another basic rule that you should know and must do if you’re just starts your internet business is:

1) Ask Questions Whenever You Have Doubts.

2) Do Not Guess and Don’t Be Shy To Ask!

The more you ask, the faster you will reach your success.

Apart from that, I’m also conducting my own Internet Marketing Coaching Program, it’s more into Personal Coaching course offering a chance to start their own Internet Business. I’ve guided some of my friends in building their own empire successfully and most of them have become part of my Internet Marketing Inner Circle where we work together to develop profitable sources of income.

I always believe that to success you can’t work alone. You need partners, you need a group of like minded people and you need someone you can trust. To get all that, you need to work on it first. Once you get those, you will find it that to work as a team is much easier than working alone and then you will see how clear the road to success is.

Trust starts from you.

I am not sure about you but I believe most of you will agree that we need to contribute once we found our success. There are many forms of contribution and its up to you to decide which is most preferable. You can also do this if you want to where you can start with contributing to assist others to succeed. The more you help, the better it will be for your future. And take note that the success will only come when you willing to take risk and invest to achieve it. And contributing is a part of taking risk and investment for your future.

So, take risk, but prepare yourself, and invest for your success.

Follow these rules and will Gain The Success that you always wanted.

Gifting Programs… The Cash Tracking System (Review)

         Gifting Programs (Review)


At first glance, the  – one of the oldest “legitimate” programs on the net – would appear to be a scam. To the uninitiated, just looks like a money machine. There’s no product, there’s no company website… In fact, I’ve seen cash-gifters refer to the Cash Tracking System as their current “activity”. Not “business” or “”. I was intrigued and decided to take a closer look!

Now, Cash Gifting is completely legal. The IRS, for example, allows US to “gift” $13,000 without any tax ramifications. It’s just that we are used to seeing people gift money to relatives or people in need. Not advertising to gift to others who they don’t know who plan to then gift to others. Plus, since we tend to look at cash gifting as a “home based business” or “network marketing business”, we expect to see a product associated with the exchange of money. Cash Tracking System, or any cash gifting program, does not have a product.

While there’s no product, the rest of the program works like a typical top-tier direct sales home business. To get your website – which contains 7 videos to help you sell your prospect, and a capture page, you pay money directly to your sponsor – either $500, $1000, $2000, or $3500. I assume you pay a monthly admin fee for your website but I’m not positive. All of that is cool – it’s just the “no product thing” that most of us need to get past. The capture page looks slick. The opt in sales pages is are very professional.

The target market to generate Cash Tracking System and prospects must be ideally people who already have a positive opinion of cash gifting programs. Just like I do not want to have to explain to people the merits of network marketing, I assume cash-gifters do not want to have to try to “sell” someone on the merits of cash gifting. This is only logical to me.

Most people retire at the age of 65 while some retire at the ages of 66,67, or even 70.  Why?  Could it be because these people are just trying to add more money into their retirement checks?  It’s great to have a good work ethic, but once you get to a certain age, one should not have to work so hard.  Good people deserve more and need to invest their money wisely into things that will provide them with assets.  Of course, there are some people who are privileged to retire early, but there is still a concern for cash flow.

However, if you were to make the right investment and duplicate success, then money would not be an issue and retiring early would be a blessing. Secondly, making sure that the money keeps flowing in according to your lifestyle, or the lifestyle you wish to have is important, too.  Who doesn’t want to retire early after years and years of working hard?  Whether or not you had a white collar job, or if you had  blue collar job– you might have one good question; how?  Well, I can show you how to be successful.  There are many people in above the age of 50 making more than 35k monthly.  The young people are working hard to keep up.  Do you want to be like them, making 35k monthly?  I can show you what  you need to do to be successful.

First, however, there are a couple of things you need to do.  Becoming a part of the “Cash Tracking System” you will have your own business.  This means that your business needs to be ran, and that it needs quality traffic.  Notice that I wrote quality traffic, this means traffic.  Without this kind of traffic, your business will not be successful.  I will show you how to get quality traffic.

To find out more information about the [Cash Tracking System], and your business, I would like you to go to the website,, and put in your information.  Once you put in your information, I will send you an e-mail.  I would also like you to attend the Question and Answer calls where you will find out more information and have all of your questions answered; I will send you e-mails telling you the day and time.  After the Q&A, you are free to call me to get started, or to clear up any questions.  Remember to get to the call early because there will be over 200-300 people on the call.  The “Cash Tracking System” has everything you need to be successful.  Let me help to get you there, go to

Email Marketing 101

Simple Facts…


Builds an list that is the foundation for a successful online business. But many people struggle with this part of marketing and fail to grow their opt-in list. There are various reasons for this, May be visitors do not see the benefits that they will get from signing to the list. Think about it yourself. Why will you give your address to someone if you do not know what you will be receiving or you will have to do some unnecessary actions?  Below you will find 4 steps that will surely help you to increase your subscription rate:

1. Free Bonus


Most of us like free stuffs. Depending on the niche you are in you can be giving free eBooks, free services or free products so that you can encourage visitors to sign for your newsletter. The more valuable and unique your free gift is the more subscribers you should expect.

2. Be clear on your offer


It is important that your offer is clear. If you are going to provide a free newsletter or send occasional promotional materials you should be clear about it. Tell the visitors about the frequency of the emails and what they can expect from the newsletter. It will be even better if you can display some archives of the past newsletters or emails. Also make sure that there is a privacy and spam policy for the emails you collect.

3. Displaying your sign-in form


Often webmasters just put a link in the top-right of the page to collect email. For me this has become akin to what we call ad blindness on forums. People just do not look there. We are used to find this form on websites collecting emails. I will advise webmasters to be more creative and put their form more effectively.

More and more webmasters are switching to the pop over subscription forms. While this may be more intrusive it is turning out to be more effective for some sites. I am not saying that it will work for you but you can experiment on some of your sites and see how page views are affected. But pop over is definitely gaining a good reputation.

4. Test Test Test


Most autoresponders will provide you with some analytical tools to find out which version of your subscription form is more effective. You should not hesitate to take advantage of this and try to make changes to your forms. Change the wordings the colors everything. Do all kind of experiments until you find out the best and most


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